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No 22 Canadian General Hospital

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My grandmother passed away from cancer when my dad was just 6 years old. We know very little about her, but we have a photo of her at No. 22 CGH taken Nov. 1944. From newspaper clippings we have figured out that she was a Physiotherapy Aide (PA). My understanding is that there were very few of those stationed at the CGH's. They would have been listed as Nursing Sister (PA). 
If you have any photos of Bramshott I would be most grateful. I tried to contact Lloyd Jackson through his blog to view the photos he mentions but haven't been successful. 
Attached are 2 photos of my grandmother, Elizabeth Helen ("Betty") Carroll while in service with the RCAMC. 
Thanks so much for your time,

Emily Armour

Christmas card which Bill received after the war from his medical orderly, Canadian Leslie Buckler. He handed him the piece of shrapnel after his operation.

Greeting inside the above says "From Leslie Buckler. I was your orderly in the 22 Canadian General Hospital."