Fighting Through WWII

Great podcast!

There are plenty of military history podcasts but this one hits the spot. The stories put you right along side of the soldier throughout their struggles. Although we can never know the pain, discomfort and smells of war this podcast gets you as close as possible to the front lines.

Most history seems like cliffs notes on the popular stories. I appreciate the insights and the knowledge.

And why is it that the British seem so casual about sacrifice in war? Maybe not casual,,, stoic!! As long as they have a cup of tea first then it’s a good day to die. Thought i know they prefer not to! I absolutely love it!

We Americans are a bit more dramatic about it to be sure! Please continue to put out more podcasts whenever possible. History is a precious thing.

Feb. 4, 2020 by $$$ok$$$ on Apple Podcasts

Fighting Through WWII