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Battalions index

A large number of military units were mentioned in Dad's World War 2 memoir.

Bill started off in B Company, 6th Battalion, The Green Howards, 69th  Brigade, 23rd Division, 30 Corps, Territorial Army. After Dunkirk this was amalgamated with the 50th Northumbrian Division of the Regular Army and at this time was part of Montgomery's 5th Corps. The 69th Brigade was composed of 6th and 7th Green Howards and the 5th East Yorks.

Here's the complete listing of what Bill did.

Dunkirk/BEF - B Company, 6th Battalion, The Green Howards, 69th  Brigade, 23rd Division, 30 Corps, Territorial Army - 28/4/39 - 19/12/42.

England - Sept 41 - 20/12/42 - 11th Battalion The Green Howards. Various postings around England

On Queen Mary en route to Egypt and transfer to Tunisia - East Yorks - 20/12/42 - 29/3/43. Dad was never actually allocated an East Yorks Battalion because by the time they were actually being allocated the Officer in Charge recognised him and transferred him back to the 6GH!  World War 1939 -45

North Africa, Wadi Akarit - Operation Scipio - 15 Platoon, C Company, 6th Battalion, The Green Howards, 69th Brigade, 50 Div - 30/3/43 - 30/4/45, incl Sicily and D-Day below. World War 1939 -45

Sicily - Operation Husky - landing at Avola - C Company, 6th Battalion, The Green Howards, 69th Brigade, 50 Div, Monty's 8th army

D-Day - on Gold Beach, King sector, landing at La Riviere - C Company, 6th Battalion, The Green Howards, 69th Brigade, 50 Div in 30 corps of the 2nd Army. Wounded near Villers Bocage 30 June 1945 and returned to England (yet his record card suggests he left the GH 30/4/45 which is incorrect).  World War 1939 -45

After rehabilitation, he was posted to Germany - 1st East Lancs - Hamburg, Oberhausen, Dussledorf, Duisburg - serving as corporal in the regimental police through to 23/3/46 on the record card, though he was demobbed on 8/1/46.

Dad's record card shows his official battalion record but there are inconsitencies and I believe the above is more accurate


All military units mentioned in the book:

1st Battalion, The East Lancashire Regiment (Germany, 1945-46)

1st Green Howards

4th Indian Ghurka Division

4th Green Howards

5th East Yorkshire Regiment (1942, on board the Queen Mary)

5th Green Howards

6th Battalion, The Green Howards, 69th  Brigade, 23rd  Division, Territorial Army (1939-45)

6th Durham Light Infantry

6th Green Howards

7th Green Howards

8th Armoured Brigade

8th Durham Light Infantry

9th Durham Light Infantry

8th Army

8th Armoured Brigade

11th Battalion, The Green Howards (1942-43, England)

23rd Division, Territorial Army

49th Division

50th Northumbrian Division

51st Highland Division

69th Brigade, 23rd  Division, Territorial Army

70th Brigade, 23rd  Division, Territorial Army

150th Brigade, 50th  Division

151st Brigade, The Durham Light Infantry, 50th  Division


A, B, C, D Companies, 69th  Brigade, 23rd  Division, Territorial Army

B Company, 6GH (1939-42, Dunkirk)

C Company, 6GH (1943-45, Africa, Sicily and Normandy)

Durham Light Infantry

East Lancashire Regiment

East Yorkshire Regiment

Green Howards

Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, The East Lancashire Regiment

Irish Guards

New Zealand Division

Regimental Police

Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC)

Royal Army Service Corps (RASC)

Territorial Army

Welsh Guards