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Great show

I just went to a funeral last week to say goodbye to a 2nd cousin of my mothers. He was a navigator on a B17 8th Army Air Force stationed in England during the war. He was 96 yrs old. They had his old navigator maps. With his flight path in red grease pencil. One to Berlin the other I forget now. Of course also his old pictures of him and his buddies In London on Liberty call. The Air Force sent a detail and gave the funnel flag to his Great Grandson. I’m of course sorry now I didn’t go talk to him more. And record his memories. Sad to see him and the other’s of our Greatest Generation leaving us.


Hi I am 13 almost 14 as of the 20th of apirl (2022) I had a granpa on my dads side served in the paific during ww2 on a repair ship he never saw action he returned and i belive he died before i was born or if i was to young to remenber him

The best!

Plenty of WW2 podcasts out there but this is the best. Paul’s reading of the men’s own words is heartwarming and his interview with his mother was wonderful. Having a father who was in the middle of it all adds to Paul’s great work. He was kind enough to read the material I sent in about my own father (Normandy and then on through France, Battle of the Bulge and finally deep into Germany) and I’m so very appreciative. Paul is a good man and has access to just the greatest stories!

Great tribute to all the men of WW2

If you enjoy unique perspectives of World War Two experiences then you owe it to yourself to give this show a listen. Paul’s podcast is a true gem. Check it out and share with a friend or two.

Fantastic podcast, priceless contribution!

This podcast is a must for anyone who is interested in WWII history, especially if you want first-hand accounts from the Veterans who were there. Paul is still traveling to interview these last surviving members of their generation who fought in the largest and most impactful conflict of the last century. The research is thorough, the narration is wonderful, and you can tell Paul is a genuine person who cares about getting Veterans’ stories out there. Thank you for this incredible contribution to the historical record, and keep up the good work!

Tell all your WWII friends, This podcast is AWESOME!

Paul Cheall is a wonderful storyteller, a dedicated historian and and would give Shelock Holmes a challenge as a detective. I have listened to all his podcasts and am always eager for the next one to find out what he will uncover and share with us next. So, from this lifelong amateur WWII hobbiest, keep up the great work! How good is that!! John Muskego, Wisconsin

Excellent Podcast

Paul Cheall is an excellent story teller and a true gentleman. I really enjoy military history, so finding his podcast has made being sick this past week a whole lot easier. ;-) Vincent Wyoming, USA


The history of World War II in the words of those who were there--whether in the front lines or on the home front. Paul Cheall has enabled us hear what happened and what it was like. Plus, as he promises us: "So much more." Here is a way for those of us who have been entrusted with the stories of the men and women of the Greatest Generation to share their words--and to honor their memories. Eighty years ago they saved the world. We shall not see their like again.

Great War Interviews

Amazing. Paul Cheall has a world war podcast like no other. I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode and re-listened to quite a few. A must for anyone intending to visit Normandy


I’m very happy when this new podcast comes out Look forward to it. Helps me forget about all the problems of today. It makes it seem we really have it so easy. So glad you have the real heroes voices telling their stories.


Back as a 17yr old young man. Went to Dallas, Texas to see the 1978 Rock ‘n’ roll 4th of July Texas Jam concert. Stayed at my best friends Grandparents house. Had just read a Time Life WW2 book series about flying over the Hump to China. Found out his grandfather was a pilot flying the Hump. He was so surprised I knew all about it and ask a lot of questions. I could see he was happy and surprised a young “boomer” generation appreciated his service and stories. Listening to this podcast and a review you read about a lady who’s father flew the Hump. Brought back a happyMemory. Thank again for bringing back real stories of real heroes of the Greatest Generation

Riding with a Mate

I drive with Uber Eats. This gives me plenty of hours to listen to this great podcast. I am still catching up and don’t look forward to the day when I have to wait for the next episode. The stories hold so many emotions from laughter to “moist eyes.” This is a very important record of this great generation. What is best is having Mr. Cheall’s, ah Paul’s, great narration and friendly tone. It is like riding with a friend who can tell great stories. “How great is that!”

Just finished listening to Heidi’s Father’s memoirs

Mr. Cheall, I want to personally thank you for giving us all the privilege of hearing this amazing story! It was as if I was experiencing the war through this extraordinary teenager’s eyes! Well written and I have to say, your reading was Spot on! What an incredible job you did conveying this material to us in spoken word, you breathed life back into this man! I absolutely love your pod, and, as an American, you make me proud of my “mostly” English ancestry! Bravo sir!


Mr. Cheall’s, Been listening to your podcast since the beginning. My grandfather was in ww2 as a master sergeant in the mobile artillery unit. He came in a few days after d-day and provided support for the advancing units. He would not talk about his experience much but I have recently found letters that he wrote my grandmother while he was over seas. My grandmother is 100 and let me read some of them and talk about an emotional rollercoaster reading them, it was eye opening and filled in on why he would not speak of his time over there. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you to keep up the great work of bringing the memoirs of all the brave men and women that fought through this war. Thanks Travis Moore Charlotte, NC


As we say in the USA, AWESOME!!! Fantastic stuff! My father, seven uncles and one great uncle were in WWII, all in combat and they all came back. My dad, Herod Lowery, drove a big Ward LaFrance tank wrecker fighting the Germans. He landed in Normandy at Omaha Beach on June 21 and on VE Day, he was in Kassel, Germany. The stuff you put up here is just the greatest.

Bill g

WOW—the story of the German soldiers war perspective was unbelievable. Great job finding it and having the guts to have in your podcast. Thanks again

Excellent Stuff

The title says it all. The episodes are all well put together excellent stories they make you laugh and also the odd tear or two. Well worth listening to, and I have also purchased the Book behind the podcasts by Bill Cheall.

First Hand Accounts

Very well produced, clearly a labor of love. As good or better than any other WWII podcast I’ve found. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Intriguing 🧐

It’s amazing that you want to share soldiers experience’s. This is an awesome podcast!

Best WW2 Hostorical Podcast Period

I’ve been a student of WW2 since I was 6 years old . I’d ask my Grandpa about his time in the big one ,and he’d tell me about day to day activities and pranks he and his brothers would play on one another. When I was a young man I finally got brave enough to ask about the darker aspects of war ,and he obliged best he could. I saw how he went back there and I had never felt closer to my hero than I did that day . It’s so important to archive these experiences . It’s like Churchill said “those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it” and the host Paul is a wonderful man who brings these memories to life . I can’t thank him enough for the shout outs he did for my family (ep62) . If I could give it more stars I totally would. If you have an interest in history, this podcast Is a must listen. Paul gives perspectives from every angle. Being American we don’t learn about Dunkirk in history class and one episode is told from a German soldiers on D-Day . It’s fascinating to hear that. Paul please keep up the great work. I truly appreciate you Buddy. “Now how good was that?” lol , over and out !

Top notch

I love this podcast so much. First hand accounts of the second world war are so important. I love the sweetness, humor, and reverence with which the host delivers these accounts. Highly recommended for all ages!

Amazingly Interesting 🧐

I am only ten years old, but out of attending so many online college lectures, listening to so many podcasts and reading an astounding number of books on WWII I think that this is the most heart-warming out of all of my materials. A son wanting to share the story of his fathers war experiences.

Simply the best!! PLEASE give this a LISTEN!!

This podcast is simply amazing . The stories , history and adventures that are talked about on this show are truly remarkable . Sometimes I will listen to an episode and I will say “ well that’s it , can’t get any better than that one”... and guess what?? Next episode tops the previous ! I will have goosebumps from the action and I will be on the edge of my seat. Amazing job Paul. I could go on forever about how much I enjoy the show ! Much respect to your father and much respect to everything that you do to provide us such an amazing show. Jon From New Orleans , Louisiana USA

A gift of podcast

While this podcast may have started as a way to publicize his dad’s book, it has grown into a community that has recorded the history of the common soldier that would have been lost without Paul’s efforts. If you have even a slight interest in WW II, then you really owe yourself a listen.

Special thanks to Paul

“Bumped” into this podcast. Wow, it blew me away. Great interviews, accounts and stories. Thanks for committing these untold accounts to posterity!

Thank you

I recently lost my grandpa. He was a navy pilot from ‘43-‘46. I miss him dearly and listening to this makes me feel close to him. Thank you

The voice and content, both impressive!

Thank you for making me want learn more about WWII History. My sons are both very knowledgeable and we’ve spent time at great WII museums. The personal touch you give to your podcast makes it very compelling, informative and real. And of course your voice is exceptional!

Great WW2 podcast.

Always enjoy Paul’s podcasts.

Bill g

Found your podcast and it is outstanding. Thank you so much.

Fascinating Listening!

Throughly enjoyable and at times very moving.

Great podcast!

There are plenty of military history podcasts but this one hits the spot. The stories put you right along side of the soldier throughout their struggles. Although we can never know the pain, discomfort and smells of war this podcast gets you as close as possible to the front lines. Most history seems like cliffs notes on the popular stories. I appreciate the insights and the knowledge. And why is it that the British seem so casual about sacrifice in war? Maybe not casual,,, stoic!! As long as they have a cup of tea first then it’s a good day to die. Thought i know they prefer not to! I absolutely love it! We Americans are a bit more dramatic about it to be sure! Please continue to put out more podcasts whenever possible. History is a precious thing.

Great Christmas show

Another one of many great shows. Love to hear the young lady from US give you such a nice review. And so happy to hear her study WW2 Good to hear the young learning history of the world. I hope in the future years your fathers memories are listen too and learned from. God bless you and your family on the Christmas holidays.

Top notch first person accounts!

Perhaps the best series of first person accounts of WWI/II I’ve run across. Well narrated fascinating experiences of both the mundane and murderous aspects of these conflicts focusing on the British Green Howards, the narrator’s dad’s unit. Try it- you’ll like it and you’ll hear amazing chapters of unwritten real history from those who made it.

Makes me miss my dad

Listening to these old gents remind me of the stories my dad would tell about his time in the US Air Force. Fortunately, for him, he served between Korea and Vietnam. He was an aircraft mechanic. Well done, sir. Rob Pinnick

To the veterans

I love the veteran and God bless America and British men and their families


Fantastic podcast! I'm a few episodes in and cannot stop listening. Wonderful speaking voice.

WWII podcast Dunkirk to Hamburg

Greatly done with personal presentation of son honoring his father and many brave soldiers first hand accounts. Gives fresh and revealing backstories of battles and soldiers life of the greatest generation. Professional produced and the telling of stories gives me impression of what it was like only to hear news of battlefront from radio. This is a can’t miss podcast for those who want to know more about men, women and families of this harrowing time of history!

Fightening Through WW 2

I cannot thank you enough for the amount of energy and determination you expended in this wonderful accounting of British Soldiers during the French, Italian Campaigns and beyond. Highly recommended especially to young people who don’t yet realize “Freedom Is Not Free” Cordially, Georgiana Kennedy USA


I am a utility work and ha e to read meters once a month and this is by far the best podcast to listen to while I’m reading meter it makes the day fly by


This is by far my favorite podcast I have ever listened too; I sit for 10 hours a day doing quality control; and this is my go to content to help the time pass by. It is so gripping; I have been so choked up so many times; and constnatly get goosebumps all over my body listening to these stories. It is truly amazing; i love the interviews with all the veterans; and your mother she is wonderful. It is so amazing and different to hear the stories "from the horses mouth" rather than to read it in some history book in school. Thank you for what you are doing and keep up the amazing work!


Absolutely wonderful! I enjoy my daily drive now. Can’t wait for more episodes.

I don’t do reviews

Love the show please keep it going anyone looking to get an inside look to the ground pounders life give this a listen my favorite episode was Gallipoli absolutely incredible from start to finish thanks so much Bill James B USA

Love it

I love this podcast It is the best I ever listened to and I have so many of your episodes and I love history. Keep doing what your doing.

Great history podcast

Paul, thank you for your very sincere effort to preserve World War II history. I, too, share your love of history. I enjoy hearing about the war from the British side. (I’m American.)

Excellent and enjoyable

Every episode is exceptional. The interviews are excellent but I think the readings are even better, Paul captures the essence of every subject and situation. Mark


A deeply compassionate podcast. Wonderful stories, lovely narrator.

Love your WWII memoirs podcast Paul

Paul, Wanted to let you know that i love your podcast. Great way you have woven together the diaries of many individuals, not just your dad's memoirs. All are entertaining and informative. I really enjoy the way you present the readings, great podcast voice and tempo. Interesting perspectives and topics. If I ever get caught up on my reading I will definitely keep the book in mind and give it a read. I very much appreciate what you are doing to bring this history back to life, and of course what all of those did not just to live the events, but to take the time and effort to document them. Only constructive feedback is to bring down the mix volume when you add the tunes in, the volume changes are distracting. Thanks again Paul for the great work. Blaine - Oregon, USA

A winner

Like history podcasts? You’ll love the 1st-hand historical accounts of this WWII podcast. Really appreciate hearing about the war from the British perspective. And as Anglo-obsessed American, I enjoy the British accents too.

Absolutely amazing

I listen to this podcast everyday at work. The way you tell their amazing stories leaves me wanting more! Keep up the good work!

Amazing perspective

This is my four time listen thru! Every time is better than the first. This is a great series giving the REAL perspective. I hope episodes never stop coming. Great job!

One of my favorites

I was driving across Montana and stopped to download a few new podcasts. I downloaded an episode of the show to try it out. When the episode I downloaded about the bee was done I raced the 2 hours drive to the next town so I could get an internet connection and download the rest of the show. Ever since then I have looked forward to new episodes.


These are wonderful podcasts. It doesn't get much better than this. Thank you!


I think that of you want to listen to real war story's than you should listen to this, I'm only ten and I recommend this group of podcast's!!


I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent, Interesting!

Excellent podcast. I started listening last week and I cannot wait for new ones to come out. So far, every single podcast has read like battle narrative, filled with history, first-hand, small-unit accounts of individual struggles as well as the bigger battle around them. Very interesting and well done. Five stars!


I really enjoy this podcast! I've been studying WW II history since I was very young, especially since my Dad fought in the Royal Navy. I find this very enlightening and informative. You will too!