Sad News 6 Oct 21, of the passing of Capt Stan Perry. Stan served with the Sherwood Rangers as a tank commander and fought his way across NW Europe, being wounded twice. RIP Stan - You will be missed by all. Hear his memories in episode 36 - see preview and featured link below.

Comrades - More

Comrades noted in Bill's WW2 memoirs for whom few or no records have been found - all Green Howards or East Yorks battalions.


George Bertram

With George Bertram (right), taken in Alex whilst on 3-day leave. Not long after Battle of Wadi Akarit, 1943. A Green Howard.



Alex Mill - one of my pals at Mareham-le-Fen. Killed in Sicily in 1943. Inscribed "To Bill - With Best Wishes, Alex xxx. Dec 1942" A Green Howard. NO FURTHER TRACE


Jack Betley, 20, killed in Sicily by machine gun fire 14 July 1943. He came from Halifax. A Green Howard. NO FURTHER TRACE.


Good old Bristow was the nicest cockney I ever met. He was killed in Sicily. MIA. A Green Howard. NO FURTHER TRACE.



My pal, Tommy Chaffe as a Green Howard. 14689898. One of the better Cockneys. March 1945 embarkation leave. Aged 21. Later in the East Lancs, Hamburg, Germany, October 1945. Not sure why Tommy changed regiments. NO FURTHER TRACE.


Taken at Alex with my pal, Charlie Lee, who was killed in Sicily. MIA. A Green Howard. NO FURTHER TRACE.


Just after Dunkirk with my two pals, A Green Howards,1940. We had been through an awful time. I was 22 years old. Not known who these lads were. (Editor's note: Not sure who pals were - could have been Ivor Castor, Les Blowers, or others).


Arthur Oxley

A pal from the 5th East Yorks on the Queen Mary journey. KIA battle of Wadi Akarit 6 April 1943. This cap badge is all that was left after Bill had buried him.