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Sept. 29, 2017

18 Best of the First 5 years Part 1

18 Best of the First 5 years Part 1

Dunkirk, North Africa, Lancaster memoirs & WW2 Veteran intereviews

Revisit the first five years' favourites from episodes 1-17.

The best, the bloopers, the funniest and scariest moments, plus loads of new material.

More great unpublished history - of the Second World War.


The beaches of Dunkirk revisited.

Tales of North Africa and Monty’s 8th army desert rats.

Interviews with army and airforce veterans, such as soldier Wilf Shaw who has been awarded France’s Legion D’Honneur, Claude Reynolds who was rear gunner in a Lancaster.

Much more – including new tales never before heard anywhere.

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Arthur Oxley's shell damaged cap badge from Battle of Wadi Akarit 6 April 1943.

GPS co-ordinates for Bray Dunes, France and other places of interest:


Bray Dunes -

Gold Beach -



Lion d'or hotel, Bayeux. - Just great - it's where the German officers stayed during the war.

Marefontaine battery.

Hinges communal Cemetery - rue de bethune GPS

Longueness (ST. OMER) souvenir cemetery (John Hewson buried here) -,

Mont Fleury gun battery

Merville battery.

Pegasus bridge, Ranville

Longues sur mer gun battery

Demi Lune hotel, Ypres - recommended

Somme Thiepval monument,

Interested in Bill Cheall's book? Link here for more information.

Fighting Through from Dunkirk to Hamburg, hardback, paperback and Kindle etc.


Twins! Paul Cheall proudly strikes the same pose as his Dad did aged 19 in 1936 in his prized Morris 10! 3 years before WWII started