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June 24, 2018

31 Child of War - An interview with Volker Wehrum, WW2

31 Child of War - An interview with Volker Wehrum, WW2

Volker shares many dramatic stories about his German father and family in WWII

Volker, born 1944, tells some fascinating tales about the dangers his Dad faced in returning to his home country ahead of the advancing Russians, as WW2 ended. Many family stories include a daring escape from Stalingrad and escape from a train bound for Siberia.

More great unpublished history - of the Second World War.

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Fighting Through Podcast Episode 31 – Child of WW2 - Folker Vehrum

WWII WW2 podcast - More great unpublished history!

I’m Paul Cheall, son of Bill Cheall whose WW2 memoirs have been published by Pen and Sword – in FTFDTH. 

The aim of these podcasts is to give you the stories behind the story. You’ll hear memoirs and memories of veterans connected to Dad’s war in some way – and much more. 

This episode was meant to be about Women at War and I’m still working on that subject but wanted to slip this one in as an impromptu extra.

It’s the story of Volker Wehrum from Germany. I met Volker by chance on holiday, meeting him around the hotel bar one evening and I was so struck by some of his stories of WW2 that I asked him if he’d mind spending some time with me the next day.  WWII WW2

No extra chat or feedback this episode, I’m going straight into the interview. Occasionally I overlay comments on parts of the recording as it’s not always clear what Volker had said, but I’m sure his English is a heck of a lot better than my German! He wasn’t exactly helped by background noise as I had to use my phone for the recording but I hope it just about passes muster.

Volker is 74 years of age and was born in 1944, a critical time of the war, as you’ll find out. His father was an engineer in the German army in Poland when the war was coming to an end and Volker has some fascinating tales to tell us about the dangers his Dad faced in returning to his home country in the face of the advancing Russians, and how he rather craftily survived a British POW camp in Germany, when he did get back.

Escape from Stalingrad
Escape from a train bound for Siberia

And more all come into this WWII WW2 podcast interview.



Volker thank you for sharing those fascinating stories with us. I can’t believe how many anecdotes there were that would have been worthy of being discussed further, were it not for the tide coming in!

I particularly enjoyed how there were yet more poignant examples of good will amongst former enemies. I know Volker was very much at ease with his victors, such that parts of his family settled in America and today Volker and his wife spend a lot of time touring the States. WW2 WWII podcast

For now, thank you so much for listening. If you’re enjoying the show, please follow or like my Facebook page, Fighting Through from Dunkirk to Hamburg, and use it to keep up with occasional news about the show and other interesting events. There’s a link on my home page at  And I’m very grateful to you if you’re one of the people who have already followed me.

As this was an impromptu episode, no PS this time – sorry – I look forward to that myself! But women at War will be here soon with some more Great Unpublished History, including the rather precious memoirs of a WREN and how my Mum used to make scrambled eggs on toast with old carrots and sawdust!

For now, I'm Paul Cheall saying

Bye bye now!

WW2 WWII podcast

Volker Wehrum Profile Photo

Volker Wehrum

German - born during the war. Has many stories to tell about his family.