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Oct. 7, 2018

37 WW2 Tank Captain Stanley Perry PART TWO - Interview

Interview with WWII tank commander PART TWO


Continuing with Part two of Capt Stanley Perry's WW2 interview. Recommended you listen to Part one, episode 36, first. 

Stan was in the British tank regiment the Sherwood Rangers and saw a lot of action in Normandy and Germany. He survived WWII battles, bombs and booby traps to tell of his amazing exploits some 75 years later! 

Great Unpublished History! 

Second World War.

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The misnamed but very apt Akilla!

The British crew of an M4A2 Sherman tank (T146929) named 'Akilla' of 'A' Squadron, 1st Nottinghamshire (Sherwood Rangers) Yeomanry, 8th Armoured Brigade after having destroyed five German tanks in one day, Rauray in Normandy. 30th June 1944.

Stanley Perry (Capt) Profile Photo

Stanley Perry (Capt)

Tank commander WW2 - Sherwood Rangers.
Passed away 6 October 2021
Stan served with the Sherwood Rangers as a tank commander and troop leader in C Squadron and fought his way across NW Europe, being wounded twice.
He will be missed by all who knew him.