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My late Mum, Anne Cheall. Aged around seventeen during the war, she's got loads of tales to tell about working in a bomb factory and making ends meet with food rations, together with a delightful reminiscence of a young girl's countryside holiday with friends, for one moment forgetting the strife going on in the wider world.

Anne had a degenerative eye disease and could not read in later years - but she delighted in listening to my podcasts which I downloaded onto a disc for her and which she listened to again and again.

So I hope I am playing some small part in bringing this rare history to an audience who would otherwise so often be the last to hear it. And my Mum's own wartime experiences have inspired several episodes of this podcast. I recently discovered that 10% of my listeners are using the Victor Reader technology aimed at people with sight difficulties.

Mum died 28 December 2018.

Sept. 10, 2018

34 Women at War 3 - Wartime Holiday memoir by Anne Cheall

Wartime Holidays - Anne Cheall visits Wales in WWII

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Aug. 29, 2018

33 Women at War 2 - Wartime Recipes and WRENS

Culinary survival skills and a Women's Royal Naval Service morse coding memoir

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July 20, 2018

32 Women at War 1 - Interview with Anne Cheall

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