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Comrade photos

Comrades mentioned in Bill's memoirs. Background stories or discoveries since Bill's WW2 memoirs were published. Died, survived or KIA at Dunkirk, North Africa, Sicily, Normandy or Germany.

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Jack Spooner

My pal from Sheffield, He typed Lily Marlene for me. Survived the  war.

Jack Ryan

KIA machine gun fire in Sicily. Joined up same time as Bill.

Rufty Hill

KIA Gold Beach D-Day. "A good scrapper"

Major Petch

My company commander at Dunkirk. I was his batman for a while. He certainly cared for his boys.

    Big story in episode 25 Big story in episode 9

Captain J C Linn

An excellent officer. KIA Gold Beach on D-Day.

Don Savage

My best pal. KIA on a Lancaster.

John Bousfield

KIA by a stray shell in the Wadi Akarit battle.  I went to see his mother after he was killed.

Alfred Decker

A German POW I befriended. Survived the war.

  Big story in episode 14    

Monty's meal in Sicily


More comrade Photos

Missing. Trying to track.

Albums from Comrades

Extensive personal collections from Normandy, North Africa, more.

Rennie Shaw

KIA Normandy. Great story being unveiled - pending



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